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The Creve Coeur Figure Skating Club (CCFSC) has developed the following ice rules and regulations for the purpose of providing safe skating conditions

CCFSC purchases ice from the City of Creve Coeur Parks and Recreation Department for designated periods of time. CCFSC Club ice season begins after Labor Day  and runs through May.  The club contracts ice for its skating membership in advance for each designated season, with the understanding that the membership will support the club throughout the entire season.

  1. Club ice is open to CCFSC skaters, associate club skaters and coaches in good standing with CCFSC and USFSA.  Skaters must have passed pre-preliminary moves, ISI Freestyle 2, or be instructed by a coach to be on club ice.

  2. Guests and prospective members who are USFS members in good standing are welcome to skate on CCFSC ice once at the walk-on rate. Afterwards, the skater must become a member of CCFSC to utilize club ice. Proper skating attire is required on the ice. Street clothes should not be worn.

  3. Skaters may not chew gum, eat or smoke on the ice.

  4. Drinking water from a non-breakable bottle is permitted and may be placed on the ledge of the boards.

  5. No headphones may be used while skating on Club ice.

  6. Profanity and derogatory comments are inappropriate and will not be permitted during club ice sessions.

  7. Family and friends of skaters are welcome and encouraged to watch sessions from the bleachers and lobby. Only skaters and coaches are allowed on the penalty box side of the ice.

  8. Skaters should not monopolize certain sections of the ice, especially the center and landing zone (lutz corner) located in the corners of the ice rink.

  9. A maximum of 21 skaters will be permitted on the ice.

  10. Fallen skaters must get up immediately. Do not sit or lie on the ice.

  11. Ice must be paid to the Ice Monitor  PRIOR to taking the ice.

  12. Music played on Club ice may not contain any profane language.

  13. Skaters should use common sense and courtesy to avoid collisions or startling other skaters.

  14. The harness may only be used by coaches.

  15. All skaters need to be mindful of the ice pattern and be aware of all skaters working on pattern, whether for ice dancing, moves in the field or footwork.

  16. No more than two skaters may be connected on club ice.

  17. Program music will be played in the order in which they are turned in. 

  18. A coach may request that a student's music be played out of order one time during that student's lesson. Other times, the coach must carry a handheld player. An exception to this rule may be applied only when there are no other CDs waiting to be played.

  19. The following priority will be followed regarding the right-of-way (highest priority listed first).

  • Skaters who are performing to their music over the ice and wearing a vest.

  • Skaters taking lessons from their coach.

  • All other skaters.


  1. Only coaches approved by CCFSC can teach, coach or train members during club sessions. 

  2. Coaches should teach Club Ice rules and general rules of etiquette to their skaters and encourage them to obey them. If a monitor asks a coach to speak to a skater about violating etiquette/rules, the coach should respond to the request.


  1. Payment for club ice must be paid to the Ice Monitor PRIOR to taking the ice.

  2. Payment may be in the form of cash or checks.

  3. Punch cards are available from the ice monitor in 10 -session cards.


The Ice Monitor reserves the right to remove any skater from the ice who does not adhere to the ice rules. The incident will be documented.

Serious or repeated violations of Club Ice Rules will be reported to the CCFSC Board for review. 

Be aware and considerate of others on the ice at all times.

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