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Home Club Member - 1 Skater                    $135.00

Additional Home Club Member                   $55.00

Introductory Family- 1 Skater                        $65.00   Must NEVER have been a member of USFSA

Associate (Full Member at Another Club)       $75.00

Additional Associate Skater                         $40.00

Collegiate (4 Year Membership)                   $150.00

Collegiate Associate (4 Year Membership)     $75.00

Professional  Home CLub                            $90.00

Professional Associate                                $90.00


Senior - 1 skater Over 55                           $90.00

All Memberships are good for 1 USFSA Season Starting July 1st and Ending June 30th except Collegiate Membership.

CCFSC does not require volunteer hours but all members are strongly engouraged to volunteer their time and talent as their schedules allow.

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