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Joining a club is an important step in a figure skater’s life, as this becomes your training home. Once you are ready to take official U.S. Figure Skating tests or compete in competitions beyond Basic Skills, joining a club becomes necessary. CCFSC offers different membership packages and benefits to serve your skating needs. 

Why should you join? There are many benefits to joining CCFSC

Here are some reasons to join:​

  • You will have a direct link to all the information provided by CCFSC and U.S. Figure Skating.

  • You will be able to access club member only ice times. 

  • Super fun club merchandise helps you feel like part of a team!

  • CCFSC has amazing club coaches who are members of the PSA (Professional Skating Association) and have been background checked as such.

  • You will have a voice and a vote in club business.

  • By being more involved, you are more likely to have a positive experience in the sport.

  • When nominations are being sought for club board positions, you are already be a club member.

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