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Ryan specializes in ice dance, partnering, and can help with all disciplines to further enhance skating skills, presentation, and foundational technique. 


Ryan Devereaux is an International medalist, 9-time National competitor, 2-time sectional and regional champion. He is a quadruple Gold Medalist in ice dance, free dance, freestyle, and field moves/skating skills. 

As a coach, Ryan has had multiple National medalists in ice dance, international competitors, and has had dozens of skaters earn gold medals within the USFS testing structure.

He is originally from Pittsburgh and moved to Michigan at age 16 to train under Olympic coaches Marina Zoueva and Igor Shpilband. He had the privilege of training alongside Tanith Belbin/Ben Agosto, Meryl Davis/Charlie White, Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir, among others. He consults with synchronized skating teams at the elite and collegiate levels.



• 4 U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medals in dance, free dance, freestyle, and field moves

• 9-time National Competitor - Ice Dance

• 2-time Sectional Champion - Ice Dance

• 2-time Regional Champion - Ice Dance

• International Medalist for Team USA - Ice Dance

• Coached skaters to National Medalist in Ice Dance

• Coached skaters to Sectional level in Freestyle

• Member of Athlete Advisory Committee for U.S. Figure Skating since 2008

• Sectional Technical Specialist in Ice Dance/ Solo Ice Dance

• Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Communications from University of Pittsburgh

To schedule lessons with Ryan Devereaux, email him directly at:

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